Saturday, June 27, 2009


With the passing of Micheal Jackson this week many people have taken a moment to reflect on his music. It is only fitting that this week's Brown Thumb be dedicated to MJ.

I have ALWAYS loved the Earth Song and I truly believe MJ was ahead of his time with this song.

Brown Tip
Be Like Mike

MJ did so much for other people through his music. Let's take a lesson and help others the way MJ would.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Smart!

About a year ago I started noticing Smart Cars, the little 2 passenger cars, all over DC. I would laugh when I saw large men in these cars and just swore they were the most uncomfortable and unsafe things on the road. Even a co-worker of mine at EPA said, "They might be good on fuel, but wait until it gets hit by a Hummer!". LOL.

Even though it seemed like they came out of no where, Smart Cars have been a hit overseas since 2000. I think the fact that the Euro folks have embraced the Smart Car says a lot about how different they are as consumers. While we roll around in our Hummers and SUVs, our friends across the pond have embraced this little car as being hip and cool, and why not?! The car gets 33/40 mpg, has 70 horsepower, gets up to 90 miles per hour (which is good enough to keep up with the nice folks on the NJ Turnpike), and is made of 100% recycled synthetic materials. And while this car might seem like it should be a great deal since it only seats two people, the cost of the car is quite high at $13,000-17,000. Not too surprising considering it is produced by Mercedes Benz.

To be honest, as great as the Smart Car is on the environment, I'm a little upset it can't be made more affordable. Especially since going green is usually associated with being thrifty. I would love to have one, in addition to my SUV, for communiting purposes but I am not big mama money bags. But hey, if you can afford it and don't have kids, by all means, buy one!

Brown Tip
Take a hike!

This is not really a brown tip but I want to encourage folks to get out there and get active. More and more researchers are beginning to look at the impact of obesity on the economy and the environment as it relates to the increased cost of health care and resource availability. Furthermore, obesity and health conditions associated with obesity amoung African Americans are on the rise. Lets take some time out from our desks and couches and get some exercise. It doesn't have to be a marathon, but lets do something more for our health.