Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Not a Greenie I Just Recycle A Lot

I came across this article on Yahoo! called "Signs of a green hypocrite" and it was hilarious. But then I thought, am I a green hypocrite? I yell at people for recycling, but I have an SUV. I use reusable bags but sometimes I don't leave them in my car and use plastic. Does this make me a sinner? Can I ask for forgiveness from mother nature?

The truth is it's hard and expensive to be green, and while I think we could all do better, we are doing better than before. I bought a Brita water pitcher so now I save water and money. Yea I drive a SUV, but I only fill up on gas every two weeks and I take the Metro to work. And yes sometimes I use a plastic bag but I reuse it at home for other stuff. So I guess we are all hypocrites in some way, shape, or form. But isn't it better to be hypocritical than be inactive?

Brown Tip:
Damn it is hot as hell and we all could drink more water. Why not get yourself a Brita or Pur filter and a reusable bottle (non-BPA!). This will save you tons of money and help save space in the landfill.


Anonymous said...

exellent point-I do my best to use less plastic and I recycle too.

Anonymous said...

Daughter, I love you blog!! You are absolutely right we are all green hypocrites to a certain degree. However, I do my best to keep the environment clean. I to drive an SUV,thankfully I only fill up once a month and reuse plastice bags many times over.